And So It Begins

And lo, there was a blog. By popular (well, at any rate, more than one person) demand, this is the official “Liz’s Adventures in Gradland” blog. The goal here is twofold.

1) I can keep in contact with you and, more importantly, you can keep in contact with me without relying on old fashioned communication methods like email. This way, you’re all able to remain aware of interesting (and, let’s be honest, less-interesting) things that go on in my life, even when we’re separate by a landmass or a landmass and an ocean (or a landmass and an ocean and another landmass). This does not mean I won’t answer emails. This does not mean I will refuse to answer the phone (err, more than usual), but it does mean that if you’re curious about my day to day life, this is a great place to start.

2) I like to write and my writing muscles need some good stretching. I have not written much recently that hasn’t been in the style of an academic article, nor does that look likely to change in the near future. So blogging gives me an opportunity to write narrative nonfiction. I will try to be witty, erudite, interesting to read and responsible about updating regularly, but if I manage more than two of those four, I will be shocked. (Mind you, the more comments I get, the more likely it is that the last two possibilites will be achieved, so…)

Blog begins now. I can officially say this because I am, in fact, on the West Coast for the second time in my life. Granted, it’s in the San Francisco Airport, but it’s a start. Also, they have free wifi, which means I already like them significantly more than JFK or LGA. I understand paying for wifi on the plane, but in the airport? Really, New York area airports? All SFO wants me to do is take a survey before logging in, which I think is a brilliant way to get people to fill out questionnaires (which no one ever wants to do). Of course, now that I have the free wifi, I don’t have anything useful to do. But I have it, and that is the important thing!



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9 responses to “And So It Begins

  1. Rachel

    I wasn’t one of the folks who asked you to start a blog, but I’m glad you did. Blogs were how I kept up with my college friends once I graduated – and once they stopped blogging, I lost touch with them.

    Moral of the story: please don’t stop blogging.

    Also, here’s wishing you many happy adventures.

  2. Dena

    Just so you know:
    1- I laughed at you
    2- I miss you
    2- I love you


  3. Abba

    Thanks for blogging, Big Kid. It certainly would have been ironic if you lost your wedding ring under a deck. I love you and very much, Abba

  4. Abba

    Apropos of your toveling adventure, so I’m learning Masechet Chagigah (hope to finish by R”H) and on daf 19a, I read as follows (paraphrasing): if a wave greater than 40 se’ah from the sea rolls over a person and his keilim, they’re tahor.

  5. Aunto Barbo

    Well, all I can say is I am jealous…jealous that you are by the shore. Enjoy your time and miss us all. Love you much. Hey, might be a good trip for me when I get all this weight off –27 pounds and counting. Walking every day and having smoothies in the morning and a nourishing and proper dinner in evening with lots of veggies and salads. But, does anyone who reads your blog want to hear this. Keep blogging…it’s great. Your escapades coupled with your story telling are quite captivating. Love you much, Aunto Barbo

  6. Hi Liz. Thanks for teaching me how blogs work , but most of all thank you for keeping me up-to-date on your adventures on the west coast. Enjoy your time there, a wonderful opportunity. Have a beer so the rings stay on! Aunt MJ

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