As the title might suggest, this is more a post about why I haven’t had anything to say recently rather than about saying anything interesting. In lieu of that, I will provide photos.

So, on Sunday, we (meaning me and my husband) moved all the stuff I had accumulated over the course of a year from my old, university owned, undergraduate apartment to my new, university owned, family housing apartment. The three main differences, as far as I can tell, are that this place was designed with the assumption that the lessee might actually use the kitchen, this place is a one bedroom, as opposed to the studio I occupied previously, and I can no longer hear the frats partying at stupid o’clock in the morning. A win on all three counts.

There is one other difference, which is less of a win. This place is unfurnished (which makes complete sense as the people moving here likely have furniture). And while I had more things by the time I moved than I had when I got here (I came with two suitcases and three boxes from Amazon), very little of it was furniture.

So Sunday was an adventure. Despite my propensity for leaving everything to the last minute and assuming that I have less stuff that, as it turns out, I have, we were pretty much ready to move as soon as we picked up the car on Sunday morning. And we managed to get everything in three trips, one of which was devoted entirely to moving my one piece of furniture, the futon.

Then we went furniture shopping and, by dint of exploring antique shops, Staples and Home Depot, acquired a bedside table, a TV stand, a bookcase, a desk chair and patio furniture.

You may notice some interesting things not on that list. Like a bed. A table and chairs for the living/dining room. A dresser. As it happens, we ordered the bed a day later and it was delivered on Tuesday. The dresser and table and chairs are still on the to-get list and are more difficult to find because there is no IKEA nearby. I am disappointed in whichever Swede is responsible for this travesty.

So the boxes are unpacked, the place is beginning to be organized and the list of things I still need has been divided into roughly three categories. The first, as previously mentioned, is necessary furniture. The second is “Stuff sold at Bed Bath and Beyond” and includes organizing-y things. The third is decor. My walls look very sad and empty and, seriously, if I have a patio, it needs plants. Plants that grow well in the shade and plants that won’t send my husband into a sneezing fit, true, but foliage of some form is necessary.

Since most of you can’t come out and see the new place in person, I will inflict pictures of it upon you instead. I am not even an amateur photograph…ess? photographrix? Anyway, what I am saying is that the purpose of these images is to give you an idea of our new apartment, not to stun anyone with color, composition or talent. This also means that I apologize for the weirdness in color.

Living Room:

The bag glows with preternatural light…

Living Room 2:

The other side of the living room, or what you would see if you actually sat on the couch

The Kitchen:

Why yes, this is the most exciting room in the house. And it’s now kosher!

The Bedroom:

Everyone say hi to Shnu, the bear…and ignore the pile in the corner that’s waiting for a dresser so it can finally live somewhere.

The Bedroom 2:

This is the cleanest that any desk of mine ever has been or ever will be again

The Patio:

Santa Barbara weather means never having to eat inside…so long as you have enough sweatshirts

And there you have it! Before the summer is up, I predict that my valiant efforts to put things away will have failed entirely, that the bookshelf will be completely filled up and I’ll be considering whether to pick up another one and that I will still be lacking at least one necessary piece of furniture.

But I’ve already had my reward for a move well done: Steak and Petit Syrah at Tierra Sur.

Note: the well done refers to the move, not the steak. The steak was most definitely rare.



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11 responses to “Moving

  1. First, I just want to note that I don’t understand this concept of just one bookcase. Second, that kitchen has more space than most of the kitchens I’ve seen in NYC. And third, does Ikea ship? I mean, it would probably cost a whole lot of money, but I do wonder if that’s an option. (Also, I’m posting under a new ID. If you don’t know who I am, you haven’t been paying attention on facebook – but let me know, and I’ll e-mail you with an answer.)

    • I haven’t been paying attention on facebook, but, as it happens, I figured out who you are by reading one post on the new blog. I then realized that I didn’t need to, since WordPress shows me your email (and it’s the one I know) underneath the wordpress blog link…so, as the Daleks said to Harriet Jones, “Yes, we know who you are”.

      Incidentally, IKEA charges an exorbitant amount to deliver ($80 or so) and, for that price, I might as well just something higher end that works out being the same price. The goal is to do this cheaply.

      And, of course, just one bookcase here.

      • wait – wordpress shows my e-mail? How do I change that setting? The whole idea was to not be identifiable.

        Also, if the Ikea delivery charge is a flat fee, the trick is to order a bunch of furniture at once, then think of the per item cost of delivery. But that only works if you need a lot of furniture.

    • JLan

      For some reason I can’t reply to your other post.

      IKEA’s charge is, unfortunately, not a flat fee. When you go to an IKEA store and ask for delivery, they deliver the furniture (in one of their trucks). When you order online, they ship it instead, and charge you shipping.

  2. Abba

    We were wondering, steak or lamb chops.
    Love you, Abba

    • I got steak, Josh got lambchops.
      I was staring at the 16 oz. ribeye thinking “How in the world did Dani eat something this size?” I barely managed half and then had the rest for lunch on Tuesday.

  3. H.anna

    תתחדשו!! (or in case the Hebrew shows up as gibberish, titchadshu!) It’s a real-size apartment, so exciting 🙂 looks like a great place! Re furniture, maybe try a good-quality twin bed with a pull-out underneath? Spend the money now for a good mattress and you can put it in a guestroom one day. And in terms of a dresser, I have a plastic storage closet from Home Center that I use as a linen closet- it’s not ideal, but worst case I’m sure you could get a super cheap “dresser” like that from BBB or Home Depot. Mazal tov and good luck! (kinda redundant, but you know what I mean)

    • Thanks!
      We found a place nearby that did student discounts, which seems to mean that you get a combination of basic bedframe and as good a mattress as you want to pay for, with a discount for buying them together and free delivery. So we got the mid-level mattress, which is definitely more comfortable than the futon or the dorm-room twin I had last year.
      Dresser and table and chairs are still a work-in-progress. I meant to get one yesterday at the giant “stuff people donated” sale, but, of course, the sale started on Shabbat so by the time I got there on Sunday morning, all the really good stuff was gone (or never had been). Still, I got a real wood bookcase for $10 that’s currently doing double duty as a dresser (it’s inside the closet, so it’s just like having shelves) and that, if Josh and I strip the black paint and refinish it properly, might turn out to be quite nice.
      And I got a coffee table. It was there and reasonably priced and I was getting sick of stacking my library books on the couch; there wasn’t any room for me!

    • Oh, and the Hebrew looks fine, as long as you discount the fact that the exclamation marks are showing up on the right-hand side of the word.
      (Is there an English equivalent for תתחדשו, by the way? I mean, there are phrases that have roughly the same meaning depending on context, but there isn’t one phrase in English that works the same way, is there?)

  4. Erachet

    That patio looks awesome! Mazel tov on moving! And thanks for the update–I like finding out what’s going on in your life these days! (Also, I seem to like using exclamation points!)

    By the way, if you’re into Grimm fairy tales–the real ones, not the Disney-ified ones, I just read a great children’s book called A Tale Dark and Grimm. And that’s my book recommendation of the day!

  5. That does seem like a “real people apartment”- probably has more square footage than anywhere I’ve lived, besides my parents’ house… Enjoy decorating it!

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